Unicorn / ‘ˈjuː.nɪ.kɔːn‘ / 🦄

  • An imaginary creature like a horse with a single horn growing from the front of its head.
    noun (ANIMAL)
  • A start-up (=new business) whose value is considered to be over $1 billion
  • Someone or something that is considered hard to find.
  • Someone who is enthusiastic, sharp and creative.
    noun (RISE AT SEVEN😉)

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There are seven unique posters in this collection.

All posters are located around the Rise at Seven HQ, Sheffield.

Six posters show what most people believe unicorns look like.

One poster shows what I hope you think a unicorn looks like – behind the ‘?’.


Unicorn posters are 100% recyclable ♻️



I was made redundant two months ago.

Four days later I landed a one in a million internship with Steven Bartlett because I wrote him a Wikipedia page.

My internship ended on Friday 28th May 2021.

I set my own standards with the Wikipedia stunt.

This stunt hopes to raise those standards higher.

– – –

Carrie Rose once asked me what I wanted to do in my career?

I answered “create social media campaigns that gain coverage in traditional media.”

Carrie had a name for my answer; a unicorn campaign.

– – –

Now, fast forward quite some time.

The job description for a really cool role with Rise at Seven includes the word unicorn.

I am no astrologist but isn’t that a sign?

– – – .

Straight after finishing my internship, I began creating this stunt.

Friday evening I made the seven posters for the campaign.

Late Friday night into early Saturday morning I learned how to use Spark AR on Youtube. [1] [2]

Saturday day time I created the unicorn AR filter and this landing page.

Sunday I moved home from London to Warrington.

Monday I drove from Warrington to Liverpool to use my girlfriends parents printer. We then drove from to Sheffield and back to put the posters around Rise at Sevens HQ.

– – –

If you are wondering why I did this?

It is because Rise at Seven are THE agency to work for.

And I am a big fan of the Risers I have already met.


Rise at Seven, if you see this – Hi 👋