HeadshotHello 👋

My name is Nathan Bickerton. I am 22 years old and was born in Warrington – a town between Manchester and Liverpool. I currently live in Liverpool and move to London in May. 

I created this blog at the tail end of 2019 after my lecturer Keith presented a slide about almuni bloggers Jessica and Orlagh selling their success. I bought it. Admittedly, this site was neglected. But not anymore.

You likely know me from the wikipedia job offer story with Steven. Life is crazy and this is just the start. 

Here are four other facts about me you may find interesting:

  • Strangely, I do not drink hot drinks.
  • I enjoy being active and exercising.
  • Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is my mantra.
  • NFT’s fascinate me.

Relevant experience and university timeline:  

September 2017: Began studying BA Business and Public Relations (PR) at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).

November 2017: PR Internship at Weightmans. This got me hooked. 

September 2019: Started final year of university and began using LinkedIn.

December 2019: Planned a manifesto launch campaign for The Society of Women Writers and Journalists with a connection from a networking event in Amsterdam. 

February 2020: PR & Social Media Consultant at Polaris Media Management in Manchester. I learned quickly when assisting with large international accounts. 

March 2020: Won a place alongside MSc PR students on a university Amsterdam trip for a seminar with The New Rennaisance Film Festival owners. For more on this see the press release I wrote for LJMU. 

March 2020: Volunteered with Citadel Films assisting with fundraising and promotional campaigns for award winning film The Burying Party which is available on Amazon Prime. 

July 2020: Graduated LJMU Business and PR with a first class honours.

July 2020: Left Polaris to work for NHS Test and Trace.

September 2020: Began further study in MSc Digital Marketing at LJMU.

March 2021: Made redundant from NHS Test and Trace. Spent three days applying for graduate schemes and found it tough. Googled ‘Steven Bartlett’ for inspiration and spotted he had no Wikipedia page. Saved the idea in notes and slept on it. The following morning I wrote the page and sent the DM. 

May 2021: Internship with Steven in London.

September 2021: Graduate university again.

… Nothing else is certain.

Looking to the future…

Honestly, who knows what the future holds? I want to do what makes me happy and at the moment that is this. I am also very keen to travel the world and wish to do so when it is safe. 

Post graduation, my aim was to sail smoothly in to the real world. Now my aim has changed:

I want to dive head first into the real world and change it for the better. 

Thank you for reading this far down and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Please let me know if you spot something that can be improved, this is my first website.

Have a great day.