Winning a Trip to Amsterdam! 🇳🇱

I am excited to share some pictures from a recent University trip to Amsterdam, having won my place from a 400 word submission two weeks earlier requiring an explanation of the benefits you would bring to Liverpool Business School’s reputation if they were to select you for the trip, so it was an honour to be selected. And, the trip was a fantastic experience! Our seminar, which was held inside the stunning LAB111 cinema complex with Jan and Massimo from the New Renaissance Film Festival, gave me a great insight into the working world of PR. They shared their extensive knowledge with us, before allowing us the opportunity to ask questions. This prompted a wide ranging discussion, covering all aspects of Events Management, PR, and Marketing, and it was especially interesting to learn all about the marketing strategies they use for the festival. Exploring PR at an international level combined with our extremely stimulating discussion has provided me lots of ideas for campaigns in future…


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